Web Seminar: Antitrust Economics 101

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I’ll be teaching an interactive web seminar on basic microeconomic concepts that form the basis of antitrust analysis through Competition Policy International’s Learning Center on three consecutive Wednesdays: May 13, 20, and 27th. CLE credit is available for practicing lawyers. Though I think the material will be useful for antitrust lawyers, law students interested in antitrust (or who might be doing antitrust this summer), and generally those interested in brushing up on basic economics.

Here’s the relevant information from the course advertisement:

I would like to invite you to join us for the CPI Learning Center’s next interactive web seminar, “Antitrust Economics 101”, presented by Professor Joshua Wright. This course is a three-part series taking place over consecutive weeks.

Session One, “Demand” will take place on Wednesday, May 13 at 12 pm E.S.T.

Session 2 (Supply and Cost) and Session 3 (Examples and Applications) will take place on the following Wednesdays, also at Noon E.S.T.

In the context of modern antitrust litigation, Professor Wright will focus on the key economic concepts underlying modern antitrust law, such as demand, substitution and income effects, elasticity, optimal pricing, price discrimination, supply, cost, consumer and producer surplus, cartel formation, and critical loss analysis.

This course is especially recommended for those who need or want a solid knowledge of the economics that drive antitrust analysis and decisions.  It will also be useful for those who would like to brush up on economic concepts. Although not just for lawyers, Professor Wright’s course has significant professional and practical content for attorneys practicing in the antitrust and competition policy arenas, both domestically and abroad.

This series will be presented over CPI’s Global Learning Platform which delivers lectures globally in real time. The only technology required is a computer with a flash player and a telephone.

https://www.competitionpolicyinternational.com/course_main.html>. The fee for all three classes, with CLE credit, is $355; without CLE credit the cost is $129. Discounts for multiple users from the same organization and courtesy admissions for competition authorities are available.

This course is approved for CLE in PA, as CPI is an Approved Provider of Distance Learning Courses in PA. CLE credit is also available to New York attorneys, and has been applied for in additional states including Illinois and California. For complete information regarding discounts and the availability of CLE credit, special registration needs, or for any other questions, contact us at LearningCenter@competitionpolicyinternational.com.

I hope you can join us.