George W. Bush's stinky parting gift

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Geoffrey A. Manne, George W. Bush's stinky parting gift, Truth on the Market (January 20, 2009),

Bush has proved himself to be a statist, protectionist ignoramus on many occasions.  But this, one of his final acts in office, is simply appalling:

People in the southern French district of Lozeyron are having a hard time swallowing US President George W. Bush’s parting gift: a tripling to 300 percent in import duty on their world-famous Roquefort cheese.

“Tonnes of produce are going to go up in smoke,” protested one of the seven local producers of the distinctive soft blue cheese. It was a hammer blow to the local region, he said.

The swingeing tariff increase, part of a longstanding trade row between the United States and the European Union, has effectively priced them out of the US market, say producers.

It’s both protectionist idocy as well as an affront to cheese lovers everywhere.  Gordon–are you reading this!?!?!

What an ass.  Good riddance.