For you statist libertarians out there

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Geoffrey Manne, For you statist libertarians out there, Truth on the Market (November 03, 2008),

Tom Smith ups the ante with a brilliant post–far and away the best Obama endorsement I’ve seen yet.  Here’s a taste, but head over and read the whole thing.

Some may say, and you call yourself a libertarian.  But I have decided I can be a kind of statist, big government, expansive regulation, high taxing, low investing, industrial policy, aggressive PC enforcing sort of libertarian.  If you look at libertarians for Obama, I would hardly be the first.  Besides, I never listen to Rush anymore and Fox I could even do without.  I have hundreds of books in my library I have yet to read, and this would give me the chance.  All that conflict in the media is a huge time suck anyway.