Some Antitrust Links

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Joshua D. Wright, Some Antitrust Links, Truth on the Market (March 20, 2008),
    • The new Global Competition Policy online magazine contains some insightful commentary on the Google/ Doubleclick clearance, critical loss analysis in Whole Foods (from Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel) and more generally (from Greg Werden), as well as competing reactions to the Intel antitrust allegations …
    • The Supreme Court did not grant cert in Microsoft v. Novell, letting stand a lower court decision which allowed Novell to sue Microsoft despite not competing in the operating system market
    • In textbook news, the Third Edition of the Gavil, Kovacic and Baker’s Antitrust Law in Perspective is estimated to be available by May 22, 2008; Einer Elhauge has also just released his own new textbook on U.S. Antitrust Law and Economics with Foundation Press (reportedly available by April 22).
    • Chairman Majoras’ opening remarks at the FTC/DOJ program on international technical assistance