Pioneers in Law and Economics Preview

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Joshua D. Wright, Pioneers in Law and Economics Preview, Truth on the Market (February 20, 2008),

My colleague Lloyd Cohen and I are editing a volume for Edward Elgar on Pioneers in Law and Economics.  We’ve collected a dozen or so top notch essays from leading law and economics scholars covering the pioneers in the discipline and their contributions.  I’ll have more details to post about this project in a month or so — including a full list of contributing authors, subjects, and of course, details on how to buy the book!!!  If you’re interested in a preview, Larry Ribstein’s entry, Henry Manne: Intellectual Entreprenuer, and Kate Litvak’s, Frank Easterbrook and Daniel Fischel, are both available on SSRN right now.  As Larry notes in his post, the two essays combined are an excellent guide to the last 40 years of corporate law and economics.