Hofstra Foreign Exchange Symposium

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My former co-clerk (now Hofstra Law prof) Ron Colombo asked that I pass along information on an upcoming symposium at Hofstra Law School. The symposium, Regulation of Currency Exchange and Its Impact on International Business, will be held at Hofstra on February 8. The keynote speaker will be Walter Lukken, Acting Chairman of the CFTC. Three panels are planned:

Is the depreciating dollar good for the U.S. economy? Is it good for the World’s economy? Are there policy or intervention initiatives that the governments and central banks are undertaking or coordinating?

FOREX Regulations in the New Millennium: the impact of Zelener and recent OTC retail FOREX regulations, and the protection of customer funds.

Will the pricing and hedging strategies for individual firms be affected by the declining dollar and the legal implications thereof?

More information and a link to register is here.

Ron tells me there may still be a limited number of openings for papers and presentations. Anyone interested in presenting should contact the editor-in-chief of the Journal of International Business and Law, sponsor of the event. The editor is Paul Sudentas — Phone: (516) 463-6188, E-mail: psuden1@pride.hofstra.edu.