TOTM Authors Make SSRN Top 10 Lists

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Joshua D. Wright, TOTM Authors Make SSRN Top 10 Lists, Truth on the Market (October 15, 2007),

I am pleased to announce that that Thom’s excellent and provocative paper on Weyerhaeuser and the Search for Antitrust’s Holy Grail has made the Top 10 list (at #10) for Antitrust & Regulated Industries and Antitrust Law and Policy (#7). Congrats Thom! On top of that, I am doubly pleased that my own Behavioral Law and Economics, Paternalism, and Consumers Contracts: An Empirical Perspective has made a few SSRN Top 10 lists (#5 for Consumer Law, #7 in the Journal of Contract and Commercial Law, and #10 in the Management Research Network).  Sorry in advance if I missed others!