Annual Corporate Law Institute: "Everybody who is anybody is there."

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Elizabeth Nowicki, Annual Corporate Law Institute: "Everybody who is anybody is there.", Truth on the Market (March 27, 2007),

I leave tomorrow for Tulane’s Annual Corporate Law Institute.  This conference is viewed by many as the top annual deal conference, so I am expecting great things (this will be my first time attending the conference).  Indeed, the speaker line-up is incredible.  Chief of OMA at the SEC, Chief Justice of the Del. Supreme Court, Vice Chancellor Strine, Richard Breeden, Justice Jack Jacobs, a medley of deal lawyers from super firms, Patrick McGurn from ISS… the list goes on.

While the topics are hot (exec. comp., SOX, shareholder activism), what will be most interesting to me is the interplay between the practicioners, the jurists, and the regulators.  I have worked for all three at different times, and the differences in perspective I noted were. . . vast.  This should be a fun conference.

(I participated in a recent Going-Private conference where the organizers – Frank Aquila and Nancy Wojitas – similarly did an incredible job with respect to representation.  For example, there was a hugely successful s/h-plaintiffs’ attorney sitting on a panel with corporate counsel.  And both parties were candid about where they stood on going-private transactions.  It was fascinating.)

 I will try to take bloggable notes.  And I hope those of you reading who are also going to the conference will introduce yourselves to me (either at the conference or via an advance e-mail at nowickie[insert “@” sign]!