Updated Drafts on SSRN

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Joshua D. Wright, Updated Drafts on SSRN, Truth on the Market (March 02, 2007), https://truthonthemarket.com/2007/03/02/updated-drafts-on-ssrn/

I have just posted two revised drafts to SSRN:

  1. Slotting Contracts and Consumer Welfare (forthcoming in the Antitrust Law Journal and previously blogged about here).
  2. Antitrust Analysis of Category Management: Conwood v. U.S. Tobacco.

Both are pretty substantial revisions and so I hope that folks who have read previous drafts will check out the updated drafts.  I would particularly appreciate comments via email on the article on category management and Conwood, which was revised substantially for my testimony at the Section 2 hearings, as I have not yet decided exactly what to do with it and still have time to work on it.

These revisions essentially put to bed the part of my research agenda to do with slotting contracts and shelf space economics per se.  At least for now.  I am still working on some related questions on making sense of disclosure requirements and regulation of these and similar payments which we observe in supermarkets, mutual funds, search engines, and of course, the radio airwaves (payola).  Including that project, I’ve been off and running on the next part of my research agenda for the last year or so and should be posting the draft versions of a few new projects over the next few months.