FTC/DOJ Exclusive Dealing Testimony Preview

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Joshua D. Wright, FTC/DOJ Exclusive Dealing Testimony Preview, Truth on the Market (November 14, 2006), https://truthonthemarket.com/2006/11/14/ftcdoj-exclusive-dealing-testimony-preview/

As promised, I am posting here my powerpoint slides for my testimony on exclusive dealing at the FTC/DOJ Section 2 Hearings, as well as the two papers upon which my analysis is based:

  1. Powerpoint slides: Wright Exclusive Dealing Testimony
  2. Benjamin Klein and Joshua D. Wright, The Economics of Slotting Contracts, forthcoming in JLE in 2007.
  3. Benjamin Klein and Joshua D. Wright, Antitrust Analysis of Category Management: Conwood v. U.S. Tobacco.

My testimony will focus on the antitrust analysis of exclusive shelf space arrangements and category management contracts, which delegate to the product manufacturer the performance function of shelf space allocation decsions, and is based on two papers co-authored with Benjamin Klein. All of these materials are also available on the very useful FTC/DOJ website, which also contains the papers, bios, and presentation materials for other exclusive dealing panelists as well as panelists from other sessions. Hopefully, I will be able to post some post-hearings thoughts here late tomorrow or Thursday.