FTC/ DOJ Section 2 Hearings Continue

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Joshua D. Wright, FTC/ DOJ Section 2 Hearings Continue, Truth on the Market (November 07, 2006), https://truthonthemarket.com/2006/11/07/ftc-doj-section-2-hearings-continue/

The FTC/ DOJ Section 2 Hearings (aka Hearings on Section 2 of the Sherman Act: Single Firm Conduct as Related to Competition) continued earlier this week with a session on tying Wednesday featuring David Evans, Robin Cooper Feldman, Mark Popofsky, Donald Russell, Michael Waldman, and Robert Willig. This link contains presentation materials and will eventually, I think, make transcripts of the sessions available. The next session is on November 15th and focuses on exclusive dealing. The exclusive dealing session is followed by a discussion of loyalty discounts on November 29th.

Consistent with TOTM’s policy of tolerating encouraging self-promotion of all types, I am also pleased to report that I will be participating in the Hearings’ exclusive dealing session November 15th along with a group of distinguished economists and antitrust lawyers. I’m really looking forward to the discussion. My slides and presentation materials will be available on the FTC site, but I will plan on posting them here as well, hopefully along with some post-Hearing reactions.