Bainbridge Rebrands

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Joshua D. Wright, Bainbridge Rebrands, Truth on the Market (October 17, 2006),

Prof. Bainbridge has announced that it is time to shift from a general interest, punditry-style blog to a more narrow focus on issues of business law and economics:

I plan to be more active over at Mirror of Justice, where I’ll blog about Catholic issues. And I may look around for a group blog to join for occasional pundity posts. But as far as day-to-day blogging goes, I’ve pretty much decided to rebrand by repositioning it as what it started out to be; namely, a niche blog focused on business law and economics. So I’ll be taking a brief hiatus while I start the rebranding process.

While I’m sure that many of Prof B’s readers will be disappointed from Steve’s exit from the punditry-style blogging game, this is an exciting development for the world of business law and economics blogging. The more” Blog Juice” devoted to these issues the better, right? I look forward to seeing the fruits of his rebranding efforts, and to future discussions of business and economics developments in the blogosphere.