Come on Feel the Illinoise

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Geoffrey A. Manne, Come on Feel the Illinoise, Truth on the Market (April 04, 2006),

Has everyone noticed that Illinois has been quietly amassing one of the most interesting law & economics/corporations faculties in the country? This year they hired Andrew Morriss, Christine Hurt, Amitai Aviram and Bob Lawless. They’ve already got:

Lee Fennell

Tom Ginbsburg

David Hyman

Richard McAdams

Richard Painter

Larry Ribstein

Tom Ulen

Cynthia Williams

and probably others whom I missed or don’t know. As Brian Leiter said, “I am hard-pressed to think of a law school more completely transformed in the last few years than Illinois.” Nice work.

UPDATE:  I should have mentioned, in the midst of all of that sycophancy, that Illinois’ record is not totally spotless.  In fact, it had the opportunity to make an exceptional law and economics hire this past year, but ended up dropping the ball. Nevertheless, the trajectory is clearly upwards.