A Little Too Close To Home

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The apparent perils of antitrust blogging:

Last summer, professor Enrique Dans wrote a blog post about the powerful copyright lobby in Spain.  One of his arguments is that Promusicae, the well-known recording industry outfit, is violating antitrust laws. The group has set up a digital system to send music to radio stations for airplay, which the professor says is unfair since non-member companies and independent artists can’t join.

The music group was not happy with this accusation and has filed a lawsuit against the IE Business School professor, claiming that he defamed the group and threatened their honor.

Through the lawsuit Promusicae demands 20,000 euros in damages and a public apology. They claim that the accusations are false and state that “some of the information supplied on the website is false and violates the honor and good name of the group.”

Here is the allgedly offending blog post.  HT: Competition Policy International.