Green Bag’s “The Post” Recognizes TOTM in “Best Legal Blogging”

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Joshua D. Wright, Green Bag’s “The Post” Recognizes TOTM in “Best Legal Blogging”, Truth on the Market (November 03, 2011),

The Green Bag recently introduced its Journal of Law, which has in turn introduced “The Post.”   The Post features what the Green Bag describes as the “best in legal blogging.”  This is a pretty neat idea, like most everything the Green Bag does.  How does The Post select the best in legal blogging?  Judges with expertise in law, blogging, or both.

These experts represent a mix of academics and practitioners, have some experience blogging themselves (although they will not be encouraged to nominate their own writing), and – most importantly – are voracious, appreciative, and intelligent consumers of legal blogs.  They are donating their good judgment and eagle eyes in helping to curate our selections. Throughout the year, they will be nominating posts to be voted on by the panel; as editor-in-chief of The Post, I will determine how many votes are required for a post to be featured here, and I will aim to stay within a yearly range of 5-20 featured posts with a
minimum of arbitrariness or capriciousness.

I’m extremely pleased that the inaugural issue of The Post has recognized a series of my recent blog posts focusing upon Google and antitrust.  Its always nice to know somebody is reading; and it is also really flattering to be included in a list of some of the legal bloggers I read on a regular basis.  Here’s the set of bloggers and blogging recognized in the first issue of The Post:

So Much For the Commerce Clause Challenge to Individual Mandate Being “Frivolous,” The Volokh Conspiracy, July 18, 2010, by Randy Barnett

“Let ’em Play,” Volokh Conspiracy, July 18-22, 2011, by Mitch Berman

Healthcare and Federalism: Should courts strictly scrutinize federal regulation of medical services?, PrawfsBlawg, Aug. 14, 2011, by Rick Hills

Why John Edwards Probably Did Not Commit A Crime, Regardless of His Motives or Those of The Donors, Election Law Blog, June 4, 2011, by Richard Pildes

Legal Theory Lexicon: Legal Theory, Jurisprudence, and the Philosophy of Law, Legal Theory Blog, Apr. 24, 2011, by Lawrence B. Solum

Antitrust Remedies, Truth on the Market, May 10, July 11 & 13, 2011, by Josh Wright

The “Antitrust Remedies” series of posts include the following:

Barnett v. Barnett on Antitrust

Searching for Antitrust Remedies, Part I

Searching for Antitrust Remedies, Part II

If you didn’t read them the first time around — this seems like as good a time as any!  And check out the other legal blogging in The Post.