Hot off the press: the future of legal education

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Larry Ribstein, Hot off the press: the future of legal education, Truth on the Market (July 27, 2011),

My oft-blogged paper on the future of legal education, Practicing Theory: Legal Education for the Twenty-First Century, has now been published in the Iowa Law Review (the link takes you to the published version).  Here’s the abstract:

Law practice and legal education are facing fundamental changes. Many assume that these changes will force law schools to give up on theory and focus more on training students for the practice of law. However, this essay shows that the future may be more uncertain and complex. The only thing that is certain is that law schools may face, for the first time, the need to provide the type of education the market demands rather than serving lawyers’ and law professors’ preferences. Legal educators must respond to these demands by serving not just the existing U.S. market for legal services but also a global market for legal information. This may call for training in some, but not all, of the theories and disciplines that have been developing in law schools

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