Licensing witches

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Larry Ribstein, Licensing witches, Truth on the Market (May 30, 2011),

From the NYT, via MR, comes the latest licensing news:  Salem witches are complaining that relaxing the limit on witches’ licenses has led to an oversupply of this ancient profession.

One witch, a former accountant, says “It’s like little ants running all over the place, trying to get a buck. Many of them are not trained. They don’t understand that when you do a reading you hold a person’s life in your hands.” A former exotic dancer (who practiced that profession under the name of Toppsey Curvey) is worried witches won’t have enough experience.

Anyway, I’m happy to see that witches have joined the ranks of other licensed professions.  These already include horse teeth floaters, cat groomers, tour guides, and, of course, lawyers. And someday, who knows, maybe even consumers.

Additional note:  Interest groups take heart.  With a little organization you too can go from being burned to getting state job protection.