AALS unincorporated business section call for papers

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AALS Section on Agency, Partnerships, LLCs and Unincorporated Associations

2012 AALS Annual Meeting Washington, D.C.

The AALS Section on Agency, Partnerships, LLCs and Unincorporated Associations will hold a program during the AALS 2012 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. on the subject of Using Unincorporated Business Entities for Non-Business or Non-Profit Purposes. 

Business entities may be created for purposes that do not include, or at least are not limited to, the pursuit of business or profit activities.  In such instances, unincorporated business entities may offer advantages over incorporated entities.  At the same time, unincorporated entities may create complex issues for the entities’ stakeholders and managers.

We are soliciting papers on a broad range of issues dealing with the use of unincorporated business entities for non-business or non-profit purposes.  Among the topics that might be addressed are:  

The extent to which states compete to be the jurisdiction of organization for such non-business entities and whether this competition is socially efficient.

  • The respective roles of federal and state law in these developments.
  • The comparative advantages (or disadvantages) of unincorporated entities over incorporated entities when used for non-business purposes.
  • The emergence of the L3C or similar ‘social benefit’ entities and their utility (or lack thereof).
  • The implications for management, structural and legal concepts (e.g., limited liability, agency principles, fiduciary duties, and the duty of good faith) when an unincorporated business entity is operated for non-business purposes.

Submission Procedure:   A draft paper or proposal may be submitted via email to:  Professor Rutheford B Campbell, Jr. at the following e-mail address: rcampbel@uky.edu (Please note that in the e-mail address there is only one “l” in “rcampbel”). 

Deadline Date for Submission:   June 1, 2011.

Form and Length of Paper; Submission Eligibility:  There is no requirement as to the form or length of proposals.  Faculty members of AALS member and fee-paid law schools are eligible to submit papers. Foreign, visiting and adjunct faculty members, graduate students, and fellows are not eligible to submit.

Registration Fee and Expenses:  Program participants will be responsible for paying their annual meeting registration fee and expenses.

How will papers be reviewed?  Papers will be selected after review by the section’s Executive Committee.

Will program be published in journal?   The section does not plan to publish the papers in a journal.

Contact for submission and inquiries:    Professor Rutheford B Campbell, Jr. University of Kentucky College of Law     rcampbel@uky.edu     Phone: (859)257-4050     FAX: (859)323-1061