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Larry Ribstein, Sheepaholics, Truth on the Market (December 28, 2010),

According to today’s WSJ: “Once upon a time, Americans got dogs for their sheep. Now they get sheep for their dogs.”

Seems that border collies really need to herd.  They’re so compulsive that “they sometimes search for livestock behind the television when sheep appear on screen.* * * Left unoccupied, they’ll dig up the garden, chew up the doggie bed or persecute the cat.”

Border collie owners rent sheep to keep their dogs busy.  The dogs just want to “herd until they drop. In fact, they never appear to grow bored of organizing sheep. If they do, for an extra $5 dogs at Fido’s Farm can also herd ducks.”

Law teachers are familiar with this phenomenon.  If only we could just rent sheep.