Securities Regulation Events at the AALS Annual Meeting

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Thomas A. Lambert, Securities Regulation Events at the AALS Annual Meeting, Truth on the Market (December 17, 2010),

Tulane Law’s Elizabeth Nowicki, a former TOTM guest, asked me to post the following notice:

The AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco is fast approaching, and the AALS Section on Securities Regulation will be having two events on Saturday, January 8, 2011, in celebration of the Section’s 10th Anniversary.  Participation is invited, as described below:

  1. Luncheon:  On Saturday, Jan. 8, at 12:15, the Section on Securities Regulation will be hosting a Luncheon at which corporate and securities law guru Joel Seligman (currently President of the University of Rochester) will be presenting the keynote remarks.  The Luncheon is open to everyone (although advance registration is required as per the Annual Meeting brochure), and all are welcome!
  2. Networking and Biographical Information Sharing:  At the Luncheon, we will be handing out a list of all Luncheon attendees (who want to be included on the list), with brief biographical blurbs about each attendee.  Our hope is to facilitate networking at the Luncheon and allow academics with similar interests to identify each other.  If you will be attending the Luncheon, and you would like to have your biographical blurb included in the hand-out, please e-mail a biographical blurb for inclusion (no longer than 100 words) to by December 31, 2010.  In addition to including your name, affiliation, and e-mail address in your blurb, consider also including a short statement of anything relevant or interesting in your background, the courses you teach and your specific areas of research interest, the title of a recent work or a work-in-progress, any blog or website with which you are affiliated, and whether you would like to find someone willing to comment on a draft of yours or whether you are willing to comment on someone else’s draft.
  3. Paper Presentation on Panel:  On Saturday, January 8, 2011, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:15, the Section on Securities Regulation will be hosting an engaging panel titled “Current Issues in Securities and Corporate Law: Fraud, Gatekeeping, the Economic Crisis, Reforming Reform, and ‘Where Were the Lawyers?’.”  The panel will include corporate and securities law experts such as Stanford Law School Professor Joe Grundfest and Northwestern Professor Bernie Black.  The panel will also include at least one paper presentation, so, if you have a current paper (either in draft form, accepted for publication, or published within the last year) that you would like to present on the panel on January 8, 2011, please submit the paper for consideration to by December 25, 2010.  (This call is going out on short notice due to some unexpected planning issues, and we sincerely apologize for such.)


On behalf of the Section on Securities Regulation, I hope to see you at the Annual Meeting.

Best regards,
Elizabeth Nowicki, 2010 Chair, AALS Section on Securities Regulation
Tulane University School of Law