In Elizabeth Warren We Trust?

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Joshua D. Wright, In Elizabeth Warren We Trust?, Truth on the Market (October 02, 2010),

Todd Zywicki chimes in (WSJ):

The head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is one of the most powerful bureaucratic positions ever created in the American political system. It can regulate or ban almost every consumer credit product in the country, yet it is beyond Congress’s power of the purse because its budget is guaranteed as a percentage of the Fed’s annual revenues. Under normal circumstances, the Senate would have the opportunity to ask Ms. Warren to explain the way in which she has sometimes interpreted data in her research before entrusting her with control of the agency.

By doing an end-run around the confirmation process, the Obama administration has eliminated our opportunity to find out. And by installing the head of the agency as an assistant to the president inside the White House, it has insulated her from meaningful congressional oversight.

Todd focuses on the medical bankruptcy study and the Two Income Trap.  For TOTM posts on the Warren CFPB and related issues, see here.