Representative Michael N. Castle

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J.W. Verret, Representative Michael N. Castle, Truth on the Market (September 28, 2010),

I write to express opinion about Mike Castle.  I do not post to express an opinion about Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Party, the national election, or the Democratic nominee Commissioner Coons.  I don’t have a dog in that fight, except to say that I hope for the best for Delaware.  I merely post to express my experience working, to my own unique honor, with Representative Michael Castle, a public servant with a thirty-five year record tirelessly advocating for the best interest of the First State and her constituents.  As a corporate law academic with a particular suspicion about the perils of federal oversight as a remedy for financial crisis, I’ve been frequently called to testify before Congress about a variety of issues that affect state regulation of corporate governance.  In my experience, Rep. Castle’s dedication to his home state has been unique, particularly in a town where members of Congress who have been in DC as long as he has tend to set district interests aside in favor of the member’s own national aspirations (I could name names, but perhaps our readers could as well).  That can never be said of Representative Castle.  He is, and has always been, a rock solid Delaware man, through and through, and I sincerely hope he is long remembered as such by the residents of the First State.  For example, see Rep. Castle’s and my discussion during testimony about the bill that would become the Dodd-Frank Act here, between the 2 hour 50 minute mark and the 3 hour mark.