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Joshua D. Wright, Some Links, Truth on the Market (July 03, 2010),
  • Bainbridge’s latest on insider trading inside the beltway
  • Google and antitrust, everywhere (declared a monopoly in France, the ITA acquisition, and maybe Google not barred from selling targeted ads on iPhone’s and iPad’s afterall)
  • The DOJ ag / antitrust hearings turn their attention to dairy
  • No link for this one, but does anybody have any news on when the new Horizontal Merger Guidelines will be released?
  • The EU looks to broaden the scope of its competition policy reach and water down its “dominance” requirement to force “significant market players to license interoperability information” — the linked story plausibly connects the to a desire to force Apple to allow third-party devices to sync with iTunes.  (More on this later, but it does strike me as a quite significant development for US companies (and obviously, Apple))