Mark Your Calendars: TOTM Merger Guidelines Symposium

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Joshua D. Wright, Mark Your Calendars: TOTM Merger Guidelines Symposium, Truth on the Market (October 19, 2009),

Due to a reader interest and a larger than expected number of expected submissions, the Truth on the Market Merger Guidelines Symposium is now a two day event: Monday October 26th and Tuesday October 27th.

Participants: Because we are are now spread out over a few more days, feel free to aim for the 300-500 word range.  Or if you’d like, you can offer multiple submissions on different issues or in response to other participants.  I also hope that the added number of participants will make for a lively comments section and hope to set ideas and identify issues and maybe even preliminary answers to some of the questions that will be at the heart of the upcoming Workshops. 

Submissions that are emailed to me at jwrightg at gmu dot edu NO LATER THAN FRIDAY OCTOBER 23RD AT 8 PM EST ARE GUARANTEED TO BE POSTED.

Confirmed participants thus far (with more to come) include:

Dennis Carlton (Chicago GSB)

Dan Crane (Michigan Law)

Herbert Hovenkamp (Iowa)

Einer Elhauge (Harvard)

Luke Froeb (Vanderbilt)

Andrew Gavil (Howard)

Thom Lambert (Missouri)

Geoff Manne (LECG)

Steve Salop (Georgetown)

Joseph Simons (Paul Weiss)

Danny Sokol (Florida)

Josh Wright (George Mason)

Paul Yde (Freshfields)