Some Antitrust Links

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Joshua D. Wright, Some Antitrust Links, Truth on the Market (July 23, 2009),
  • Fred Jenny and David Evans just published a new edited volume called Trustbusters which contains chapters from the heads or senior officials of many of the leading competition authorities around the world. You can download the introductory chapter here and you can order the book from  Competition Policy International or from Amazon.
  • Sports Law Blog’s Michael McCann offers up some analysis the recently filed Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA challenging the NCAA’s use and license of former student-athletes’ identifies in various commercial ventures
  • OK, its not exactly antitrust, but Richard Posner’s criticism of a new Consumer Protection Financial Agency based on the insights of behavioral economics is worth reading.  Posner points out that following investment advice borne of behavioral economics a decade ago to invest more in equities to avoid “myopic loss aversion” would not have been a good decision and ends with the important point that is unclear that allowing cognitively biased regulators to regulate cognitively biased consumers improves matters
  • I predict that the Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White finds the firm on the defendant side of an antitrust suit in the near future stemming from its decisions to require all sponsors of individual fighters to pay the UFC a $100,000 licensing fee and to prohibit any fighter who signs a licensing agreement with the new EA mixed martial arts video game from dealing with the UFC (see here and here for details)
  • Intel takes on the EU fine on human rights grounds (see also here) and Qualcomm takes a $208 million hit in South Korea