Wanted: NSF Law and Social Science Program Director

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Last Spring, I had the pleasure of serving on the NSF Law and Social Science Advisory Panel.  It was an honor to be invited and a fantastic experience that gave me exposure to accomplished interdisciplinary scholars in fields and perspectives with which I rarely have the opportunity to interact.  The NSF is now seeking a candidate for its Program Director position and I thought I would post the information here:

The National Science Foundation is seeking a candidate for a Program Director position in Law and Social Science within the Division of Social and Economic Sciences, Directorate for Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arlington, VA.

The Division of Social and Economic Sciences (SES) supports research to develop and advance scientific knowledge focusing on economic, legal, political and social systems, organizations and institutions. In addition, SES supports research on the intellectual and social contexts that govern the development and use of science and technology. SES programs consider proposals that fall squarely within disciplines, but they also encourage and support interdisciplinary projects, which are evaluated through joint review among Programs in SES, as well as joint review with programs in other Divisions, and NSF-wide multi-disciplinary panels, as appropriate.  Within this division, the Law and Social Science Program supports social scientific studies of law and law-like systems of rules, institutions, processes, and behaviors. Information on this program can be found at:


The responsibilities of this position include activities associated with management of the program: selecting reviewers and panelists, deciding which proposals to recommend for funding after taking into consideration the evaluations of reviewers and panelists, answering questions about the proposal process, providing information on funding opportunities in presentations at universities and professional conferences, and conducting your own research.  Candidates should have a Ph.D. or equivalent in one of the social or behavioral sciences and six or more years of research experience beyond the Ph.D.  For additional information, you may contact Susan Haire (Law and Social Science Program Director) at shaire@nsf.gov (tel: 703-292-7266) or Frank Scioli (Acting Division Director, Division of Social and Economic Sciences) at fscioli@nsf.gov.

The expected start date for this position is summer/fall 2009.  It will be filled on a one or two year visiting appointment. The announcement for this position, with application information is available at the NSF web site (search under career opportunities/vacancies) and at the USAjobs web site: