Cartel Enforcement and the Election

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Joshua D. Wright, Cartel Enforcement and the Election, Truth on the Market (September 29, 2008),

From an excellent short article by Dan McInnis (Akin Gump) on the potential impact of the election on cartel policy in Global Competition Policy:

Antitrust policy has played little role in the election. Indeed, at least for cartel policy, there may be little to differentiate the candidates. Given that both U.S. political parties as well as the competition legal community view the DOJ’s law enforcement efforts against hard-core price fixing to be justified and highly successful, there should be no impetus for a major shift in direction in cartel cases. Nonetheless, only time will tell if a change of administration and personnel will bring change at the margins.

I suspect the stakes in the monopolization area here are the highest in terms of change, with mergers second and cartel enforcement last.  The whole issue is here.