Tulane Corporate Law Institute

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Tulane’s annual “Corporate Law Institute” is coming up!  The conference – widely viewed as the must-attend deal conference of the year is April 3 and 4 (only two weeks away).

The roster for this year’s conference reads like a who’s who of the deal world, with a range of Delaware jurists, investment bankers, top lawyers, and Wall Street media on the two days worth of panels.

The conference, which is organized by practitioners (not Tulane folks), was started twenty years ago by former Delaware jurist and Tulane Law alum former Justice Andrew Moore.  (As you corporate law wonks know, Justice Moore wrote several of the big takeover opinions from Delaware in the mid-1980s.  Many in the corporate law world were scandalized when Justice Moore was not reappointed when his term expired, but, based on the takeover opinions he penned, those of us who are cynical about just how political and pro-defendant Delaware tries to be were not surprised.)  Justice Moore will be making an appearance on the 20th year retrospective panel at the Tulane conference.

The conference should be stupendous, and I hope those of you who are reading this and will be attending the conference will make it your business to introduce yourselves to me.  I will be on the private equity panel on Friday, but I will be attending both days of the conference in full.

The specifics of the conference are here.