Not that you asked . . . the best music of 2007

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Geoffrey A. Manne, Not that you asked . . . the best music of 2007, Truth on the Market (January 04, 2008),

I’ve been inspired by Lynne’s music favorites post (mainly so I can share my disagreement with her–and one big agreement).  It’s a bit off-topic for this blog, but some of you must be music fans.  And in the spirit of taking advantage of a platform while you have it, I thought I’d share my picks for best music of 2007.  Have at it in the comments. 

25.  Ha Ha Tonka, Buckle in the Bible Belt

24.  Great Lake Swimmers, Ongiara

23.  Dr. Dog, We All Belong

22.  Rogue Wave, Asleep at Heaven’s Gate

21.  Levon Helm, Dirt Farmer

20.  Sunset Rubdown, Random Spirit Lover

19.  Over the Rhine, The Trumpet Child

18.  The Apples in Stereo, New Magnetic Wonder

17.  Band of Horses, Cease to Begin

16.  WIlco, Sky Blue Sky

15.  Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga 

14.  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Baby 81

13.  Josh Ritter, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter

12.  Deadstring Brothers, Silver Mountain

11.  White Stripes, Icky Thump 

10.  Cloud Cult, The Meaning of 8  

9.  The Bees, Octopus

8.  I’m Not There (Soundtrack)

7.  Blitzen Trapper, Wild Mountain Nation

6.  Shearwater, Palo Santo (Expanded Edition (ok, slightly cheating, but well worth it))

5.  The Broken West, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On 


4.  The Avett Brothers, Emotionalism


3.  Okkervil River, The Stage Names


2.  Menomena, Friend and Foe


1.  The National, Boxer