TOTM Gets Ranked …

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Joshua D. Wright, TOTM Gets Ranked …, Truth on the Market (October 31, 2007),

TOTM is never above a little bit of self promotion.  In that spirit, I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve made #64 on Brian Gongol’s rankings of business and economics blogs.  Aaron Schiff, author of an excellent new (at least to me) economics blog called, also has a new set of rankings for economics blogs which is available here.  TOTM comes in at #52 on Schiff’s rankings.  On top of that, TOTM also made Bootstrappers list of the “100 .edu Sites That Every Entrepreneur Should Read.”  I didn’t really know we were a .edu site, but I don’t let those sort of details bother me.  It’s just nice to know somebody is reading.  Thank you to our readers on behalf of everybody here at TOTM.

Finally, Schiff also has up some posts (and data) that might interest TOTM readers on voluntary pricing (a la Radiohead) in the music industry.  Go check it out.