Advice to Chemerinsky Series

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Joshua D. Wright, Advice to Chemerinsky Series, Truth on the Market (September 26, 2007),

Over at TaxProf Blog is an interesting series on “advice to Dean Chemerinsky” from various folks throughout the legal academy.  Here are my three favorites:

  • Gordon Smith (Ditch co-curricular offerings, law reviews, moot court, clinics, and writing programs and use the money to improve classroom education)
  • Bill Henderson (UC’s brand name and location will get you ranked in the top tier just by showing up to work.  Focus your energies on listening to the labor market … and read his post)

GMU’s Dean Dan Polsby offers a bit of advice any economist could love:

“Think hard about what your comparative advantage is going to be. Build your mission around that. Do not spend a minute or a penny on anything that does not further the mission. And get to be best, best friends with Mr. Bren.”

Along the lines of successful law school specialization strategies, I hope that Caron & Henderson solicit Henry Manne’s advice.