Some Upcoming Antitrust Events

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Joshua D. Wright, Some Upcoming Antitrust Events, Truth on the Market (September 03, 2007),

I’ve put together an incomplete list of a handful of upcoming antitrust events below with links to the conference agenda and materials where possible. Feel free to add in the comments.

  1. The Sedona Conference (October 24-25, Sedona, AZ)
  2. The ABA Antitrust Litigation Conference (October 4-5, Philadelphia, PA)
  3. Antitrust in Healthcare (September 17-18, Washington DC)
  4. George Mason Law Review Symposium (October 31, 2007, Washington DC)
  5. Fordham Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law & Policy (September 27-28, New York, NY)

See also Danny Sokol’s posts over at Antitrust & Competition Policy which monitor the lively international antitrust conference scene.