The only thing good about the movie, The Corporation

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Geoffrey A. Manne, The only thing good about the movie, The Corporation, Truth on the Market (May 17, 2007),

Frankly, I thought the movie, The Corporation, was unabashedly abysmal. It was a childish caricature, exhibiting no understanding by the filmmakers (or most of the interviewees) of the law, economics, or nature of corporations—to say nothing of capitalism. The movie is unsophisticated, anti-capitalist tripe. See Seth Weinberger’s review of the movie from the journal Political Communication for the longer version of this analysis.

That said, the filmmakers have just provided me—and now you—with one of the most remarkable three minutes of video footage I’ve ever seen: The Milton Friedman Choir.

Milton Friedman on corporations says,
Corporations have no social duty
Except to those who own their stock.

Hat tip: Henry Manne.