eSapience Center for Competition Policy Launches Website

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Joshua D. Wright, eSapience Center for Competition Policy Launches Website, Truth on the Market (November 12, 2006),

The eSapience Center for Competition Policy (eCCP) has launched its website, and it looks like a very promising resource for competition policy lawyers and economists. The site includes access to eCCP’s Competition Policy International journal (which has already attracted articles from a number of top competition policy writers; here is the link to the latest issue), case notes, op-eds, collections of works, and book reviews.  There is something for everybody: academics, practitioners, policymakers, and even those with just as passing interest in competition policy.
In the interests of full disclosure, I am a member of eCCP’s Advisory Board (but don’t let that stop you from checking it out).  Here is eCCP’s description of its mission:

The eSapience Center for Competition Policy (eCCP) is designed to shape the debate on competition policy worldwide. The objective of eCCP is to help ensure that competition policy serves the long-run benefit of society through vigorous long-run competition for the market and in the market. It operates under the direction of David S. Evans, Chairman of eSapience, and Richard Schmalensee, Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management.

eCCP is a publisher and distributor of timely content, such as published articles, op eds, e-collections and book reviews, written by academics, executives, policymakers, practitioners and other thoughtleaders. Its online presence,, serves as a vehicle for delivering real-time commentary and reactions to the latest changes in the global competition policy community.

eCCP is the publisher of Competition Policy International, a peer-reviewed publication related to global competition policy with a particular focus on competition policy in the United States, the European Union, and the Commonwealth countries. CPI is published twice a year in the spring and autumn and is run by an independent board of editors and editorial board to ensure quality, balance, and objectivity.

eCCP also organizes regular meetings and seminars, bringing together senior-most members of its community to discuss and debate existing and pending rules and procedures. eCCP’s Summit at Como is an annual closed-door forum of the leading minds in the world of competition policy held at Lake Como, Italy every October.

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Please direct media inquiries or requests for more information about eCCP to the Managing Editor, Joost van Hees, at +1-617-844-1800 or email: