Mike Madison on the future of legal scholarship

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It occurs to me that pretty much the only “must-read” posts I find are at Larry’s blog.  Sensibly enough, as he is the . . . what do they call it . . . “blogfather” of this blog.  But once in a while a post shows up elsewhere that cries for (positive) attention.  Today that post comes from Madisonian.  No, it’s not by our old friend, Frank Pasquale.  It’s by Mike Madison, Madisonian’s in-house “blogfather.”  It’s called — and I seriously urge you to rush over and read it right now — More on the Future of Legal Scholarship.

It’s about “blogging-as-scholarship,” the Yale Pocket Part, “godless Sodomites,” and much more.  And I agree completely:  “Is blogging scholarship” is just the wrong question.  Who cares?  The money quote is this:

But substitute “rigor� for “scholarship� in the “is blogging scholarship?� debate, and eventually reputation takes care of itself.

Exactly right.

I worry because Frank seems to like the post, as well, and I know I disagree with Frank about everything, but maybe we’ve found some common ground here.  Read it while it’s hot.

(By the way, because I know some people, sometimes (Joe and Lydia, I’m looking in your direction) have a hard time discerning whether I’m being sarcastic or not, I want to make it clear that I’m not being sarcastic.)