SEC provides more comfort re: foreign exchange acquisitions.

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Bill Sjostrom, SEC provides more comfort re: foreign exchange acquisitions., Truth on the Market (June 16, 2006),

Following up on this post, the SEC has just released a fact sheet concerning potential cross-border exchange mergers (see here). The fact sheet provides more comfort that the acquisition of a foreign exchange by a U.S. company will not automatically subject the foreign exchange and its listed companies to SEC regulations.

Here’s some excerpts:

  • Joint ownership of a U.S. exchange and a non-US exchange would not result in automatic application of U.S. securities regulation to the listing or trading activities of the non-U.S. exchange.
  • Whether a non-U.S. exchange, and thereby its listed companies, would be subject to U.S. registration depends upon a careful analysis of the activities of the non-U.S. exchange in the United States.
  • The non-U.S. exchange would only become subject to U.S. securities laws if that exchange is operating within the U.S., not merely because it is affiliated with a U.S. exchange.