Live Blogging the Super Bowl

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Bill Sjostrom, Live Blogging the Super Bowl, Truth on the Market (February 05, 2006),

I will not be live blogging the Super Bowl. In my mind, live blogging an event is warranted only when (1) the event is not broadcast live, (2) the blogger can provide unique/insightful commentary, and (3) the event is of immediate interest to the blog’s audience. Me live blogging the Super Bowl definitely fails on counts 1 and 2. I do, however, offer these Super Bowl tidbits from a recent advertising supplement in the W$J:

• More Americans watched last year’s Super Bowl than voted in the 2004 presidential election (133.7 million vs. 122 million).
• There are more Super Bowl parties than New Year’s Eve parties.
• More food will be consumed today than on any day other than Thanksgiving.
• This will be Domino’s busiest day.
• The top 10 most-watched TV programs of all time are Super Bowls.
• TV and recliner sales are five times above average during the week leading up to the game.

Go Seahawks!

Update:  If you are looking for some live blogging of the Super Bowl, click here.