Off to the FTC and a Blogging Hiatus from TOTM

Josh Wright —  2 January 2013

As Geoff mentioned, I was fortunate enough to be confirmed by the Senate yesterday as Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission.  I’m excited about the opportunity and very much looking forward to getting started in the new job.   Unfortunately, this means I will be taking a hiatus from blogging here at TOTM for awhile.  I’ve greatly enjoyed blogging here and exchanging ideas with co-bloggers and our commenters and will looking forward to coming back when I return to the academy.

Happy New Year!

4 responses to Off to the FTC and a Blogging Hiatus from TOTM

    Douglas Levene 7 January 2013 at 5:40 am


    Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll keep the FTC on the right path and we will look forward to your return.


    Best of luck in the new job. Looking forward to your comments on a stage even bigger than TOTM.


    Good luck, Josh! We will miss you here, but curious to see you in the FTC!
    All the best in the new year!

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