The Republican Primary

Paul H. Rubin —  22 January 2012

I have been following the Republican primary on Intrade, the betting market site.  In the last few days, the probability  Mitt Romney winning the nomination has gone down by about 10%, from about 80% to about 70%. The probability of Newt Gingrich winning the nomination has gone from virtually 0 to about 15%  At the same time, the probability of President Obama being reelected has increased, from about 51% to about 56%.  This is telling us something about the market’s perception of the relative strength of Romney versus Gingrich as a candidate.

Paul H. Rubin


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4 responses to The Republican Primary


    In general, Intrade has been much more accurate than the polls.


    I was thinking more of Jimmy the Greek’s successors in Las Vegas and the London bookmakers, who in the past have had uncanny success in getting U.S. elections right (but probably not this long before the event). Are they players the same? What is the track record of Intrade? This is an honest question: Do you know the answer?


    “This is telling us something about the market’s perception of the relative strength of Romney versus Gingrich as a candidate.”

    Yes. It’s telling us that the market has the same perceptions as the Republican establishment. Come to think of it, the market probably has very much the same composition as the Republican establishment. Insights from interviewing the same group twice don’t add much to one’s store of knowledge. Let’s go to a group that has a different composition, and a good track record for picking winners: what are the gamblers saying about the nomination and the general election? That would add to our store of prognostications!