TOTM Breaks the Top 20

Josh Wright —  25 October 2011

According to Paul Caron’s Law Blog Rankings, TOTM now sits at #18 by visits and #21 by page views.  We also appear to be the fasting growing law blog — with increases in visits and page views of 373% and 250%, respectively, over the past year.  Much thanks to all of our readers, commenters, and contributors.

2 responses to TOTM Breaks the Top 20


    Yes, this is a fine law and economics blog, and I congratulate the authors for their “internet succcess.” However, one thing I have noticed is that there aren’t manny comments in response to the posts, even though many of the topics are vitally important. Why do you suppose that is? There isn’t a whole lot of *discussion* on this blog. By contrast, a blog like The Volokh Conspiracy sometimes gets up to 400 comments in response to an interesting post. The comments here seem to max out at 10-15. I am sure I will be the only one to comment on this post.


      A lot of it has to do with the ease of use on the commenting software. I’ve had several comments not post because I used the “Guest” option, which frequently doesn’t seem to be functional. People who have that experience repeatedly often won’t bother trying to post comments in the future.