GMU Law’s Gordon Tullock a Front-Runner for 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics?

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Joshua D. Wright, GMU Law’s Gordon Tullock a Front-Runner for 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics?, Truth on the Market (September 23, 2011),

Thomson-Reuters has listed its “Citation Laureates,” its predictions for particular scholars winning a Nobel prize sometime in the future (not necessarily this year).  Of particular interest to readers of this blog is that George Mason Law Professor Emeritus Gordon Tullock (long mentioned as a favorite of those predicting the Economics prize on this blog) is now included in the list:

* Douglas Diamond at the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, for his analysis of financial intermediation and monitoring.

* Jerry A. Hausman of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Halbert White of University of California San Diego for their contributions to econometrics.

* Anne Krueger of Johns Hopkins University and Gordon Tullock of George Mason University School of Law, Arlington for their description of rent-seeking behavior and its implications.

Unfortunately, Thomson’s prediction rate has not been altogether impressive (see chart); but then again, predicting Nobel prizes isn’t so easy.

Here’s hoping the get this one on the first try.  Gordon is an incredibly well-deserving candidate.

Of course, Thomson-Reuters listed Armen Alchian & Harold Demsetz as Citation Laureates back in 2008 — and they remain my absolute favorites for the prize (along with fellow UCLA economist Benjamin Klein).