Note to (a few) commenters

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Larry Ribstein, Note to (a few) commenters, Truth on the Market (June 10, 2011),

Seems I need to write a post like this every once in a while.

I really appreciate comments, particularly including when they disagree with the posts.  These comments are what distinguishes an interactive blog from a passive website.  I’m glad people are willing to take the time and effort to engage in the discussion.  The vast majority of our readers have worthwhile contributions.

But every once in awhile we get the other kind.  Like yesterday:  a completely baseless (and untrue) accusation that I had a financial conflict regarding one of my posts.  The comment was not only insulting, but even worse contributed nothing to the discussion.  The comment now sits in trash.

So for the small fraction of our readers who need to be reminded: be civil and be substantive.  This is our blog.  If you want the other kind, get yer own.

For the vast majority:  keep the comments coming.