Nashville Limo Regulation

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Paul H. Rubin, Nashville Limo Regulation, Truth on the Market (April 20, 2011),

Just got an email from Mark Meranta (who I do not know) from the Institute of Justice (which I do know and which does great work) on a new case they are filing in Nashville regarding anti-competitive regulation of the limousine industry (video here. )  The law apparently mandates a minimum price for limo service to the airport – from about $25 now to a minimum of  $45 — and imposes other regulations. The law was passed to benefit the Tennessee Livery Association, a trade association which wants to limit competition.  The IJ is challenging the law in Federal Court.

There is a long history of municipalities messing around with urban transport (and here.)  The law being challenged in this case seems particularly egregious.  Maybe next they could take on taxicab regulation in New York.