Is the FTC Moving to the National Gallery of Art, Part II

Josh Wright —  2 April 2011

Congressman Mica’s mission to oust the Federal Trade Commission from its current digs continues.  Mica is the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and has made the move top priority (Washington Post):

“You won’t believe me, but this is my only priority as chairman,” he says — a fact that has the commissioners sputtering.  “I know the commissioners have fourth-floor balconies with great views of the Capitol,” Mica says dismissively.

Commissioner Rosch responds:

“I have no view,” exclaims Commissioner Tom Rosch, pointing out that (a) he is a Republican and (b) his term will expire before any eviction could take place. “And I suspect that Mica has a bigger office than I do.”  “We need to examine this gentleman’s motives,” Rosch continues. “Is it because he has a grudge against us? . . . Is it that he would like his picture emblazoned on their brochure? . . . Is it ego? . . . I don’t know.”

The text of the bill (HR 690) is available here.

(HT: Steve Salop)


2 responses to Is the FTC Moving to the National Gallery of Art, Part II


    It is reassuring to know that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman has no other priorities. Certainly whether the NGA and FTC gets new digs is far more important than, say, fixing the nation’s crumbling highways and bridges, and dealing with such matters as airports and air traffic control. Those can wait, but the paintings in a warehouse cannot.


    This is just plain amusing. What crazy thing will they do next – make FTC commissioners removable at will by the President?