An inside speech for Inside Job

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Larry Ribstein, An inside speech for Inside Job, Truth on the Market (February 28, 2011),

I didn’t watch the Oscars last night, following my usual habit.  But I note that “Inside Job” was supposedly the best documentary.  The filmmaker, Charles Ferguson, said in accepting

“Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong,” Mr. Ferguson said, as the Hollywood crowd erupted in applause.

The award and the crowd’s reaction are consistent with my theory about Hollywood’s negative view of capitalists.  I’ve discussed this frequently on this blog and Ideoblog, as well as in my articles Wall Street and Vine, Imagining Wall Street and, most relevantly, How Movies Caused the Financial Crisis.  

For a non-Hollywood view of why at least one of the financial executives in the film is not in jail, see my post from last week.