Citizens United: Friday at Georgia State

Larry Ribstein —  10 November 2010

I’ll be talking about the Citizens United case Friday at a Georgia State University College of Law symposium.  Speakers also include Gene Nichol (UNC), Richard Briffault (Columbia), Joel Gora (Brooklyn), Heather Gerken (Yale), Jamie Raskin (American), Richard Hasen (Loyola), and Michael Boos, (GC Citizens United). 

You can get a pretty good idea here of my take on the case.  Watch this space for my article, tentatively titled The First Amendment and the Wizard of Oz.

Larry Ribstein


Professor of Law, University of Illinois College of Law

One response to Citizens United: Friday at Georgia State


    Question: If “Corporate speech is about real people speech,” what’s the legal implications of affording one group of persons a subsidy (aka, limited liability) to exercise this right and denying it to another?

    As a matter of logic, once you equate corporations with persons, you have the effect of discriminating against one set of persons (those who have the means to incorporate) in favor of another (those who don’t). Kind of smells like an equal protection violation to me.