Proxy Access Defenses…The Movie

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J.W. Verret, Proxy Access Defenses…The Movie, Truth on the Market (October 14, 2010),

Okay, it would be a pretty lame movie.  Not nearly enough sex, betrayal, or death.  Nevertheless it’s probably easier than reading the whole article.  (If you are inclined to read the article first, which most people say is the best way to enjoy the movie, then check out Defending Against Shareholder Proxy Access: Delaware’s Future Reviewing Company Defenses in the Era of Dodd-Frank).

I recently presented this paper at the Leet Symposium at Case Western Reserve Law School on a panel with David Becker, the General Counsel of the SEC, and former SEC Commissioner Annette Nazareth.  The Leet Symposium by the way is an extraordinary event, so congrats to Jonathan Adler and George Dent for putting it together.

So, pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, and enjoy.  My part begins at the 52 minute mark.