Predicting LeBron

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Joshua D. Wright, Predicting LeBron, Truth on the Market (July 08, 2010),

Intrade says the Heat:

Bill Simmons column is a must read:

If LeBron picks anyone other than the Cavaliers, it will be the cruelest television moment since David Chase ended “The Sopranos” by making everyone think they lost power. Cleveland fans will never forgive LeBron, nor should they. He knows better than anyone what kind of sports anguish they have suffered over the years. Losing LeBron on a contrived one-hour show would be worse than Byner’s fumble, Jose Mesa, the Game 5 meltdown against Boston, The Drive, The Shot and everything else. At least those stomach-punch moments weren’t preordained, unless you believe God hates Cleveland (entirely possible, by the way). This stomach-punch moment? Calculated. By a local kid they loved, defended and revered.It would be unforgivable. Repeat: unforgivable. …

Picking anyone other than Cleveland on this show would be the meanest thing any athlete has ever done to a city.