Jim Huffman for US Senate

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Geoffrey A. Manne, Jim Huffman for US Senate, Truth on the Market (May 19, 2010), https://truthonthemarket.com/2010/05/19/jim-huffman-for-us-senate/

Congratulations (or is it condolences?) to my friend, colleague and former dean at Lewis & Clark Law School, Jim Huffman, who has secured the Oregon Republican nomination for US Senate.  Jim now faces an arduous uphill battle against Ron Wyden in the general election.  As a point of reference: Wyden has more than $3 million in his coffers; Huffman has about $300,000.  But Jim is an appealing candidate in a state like Oregon that has traditionally sent moderates (both Republican and Democrat) to the senate.  Wyden is no moderate, and Jim’s strong libertarianism could place him in that sweet spot in the center that appeals to both the overwhelming Republican majority living in the Eastern part of the state, as well as a good portion of the Democratic base living in the larger cities in the Western part.  I’m not optimistic, but Jim is the first candidate I’ve ever supported, in any political race.  Maybe we’ll get him over for a guest post so we can grill him on the essential antitrust and financial regulatory issues of the day . . . .