Toy Story 3

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Todd Henderson, Toy Story 3, Truth on the Market (May 15, 2010),

I just attended the world premiere of “Toy Story 3.” No, I’m not in Cannes, New York, London, or Tokyo. I’m here in Chicago, where Pixar graciously screened the movie at the great new Icon Theater to raise money for Comer Children’s Hospital. (Full disclosure: my wife is a pediatric oncologist at Comer.) I’d love to tell you all about the movie, but alas they made us sign a confidentiality agreement requiring us to abstain from discussing anything about the movie. They also searched us with metal detectors to ensure we weren’t bringing cell phones or other recording devices into the theater. I can say that the movie was spectacular. It was clearly the best of the three, but had homages to it predecessors that were clever and respectful. In a lot of ways it reminded me of “Return of the Jedi.” All in all, a tremendous film. I can’t wait to see it in 3D and to own it for many years of viewing. Pixar strikes gold again!